The most experienced Rural Internet Provider in Texas

How This Works

Cell Tower Internet Delivery

Suros uses every cell tower in operation to provide Texans almost universal coverage across the state with High Speed Wireless Internet. No longer is Rural America cut off from the luxury of Quality Broadband Service. 

Our Monthly Rates

Low Pricing & High Value

Our service plans will see 15 - 35 Mbps on average. Our static IP addresses are free. No more strict nat or streaming issues like with other providers. Can't see your security cameras? Suros has you covered in more ways than one! $85, $95, or $105 a month for 2, 1, or No Contract. No Credit Check for service is required. 

Ordering Service

Selecting Your Modem

Below are the 3 modems offered by Suros. Which one is right for you? Check out our Product Page for the description of each.  All prices include Activation, First Months Payment, and Device costs.