What is the difference between this an my current connection?
Suros Internet Service does not require an install for service to begin. It is plug & play all around. We offer static IP addressing for free so you no longer have strict NAT type or streaming issues. Need to remote in to see your cameras? Suros has you covered!

How do you provide your Service?
4G LTE Cell service towers provide coverage to almost every location in North America. Our solutions and agreements allow us to provide the fastest and most reliable Wireless Broadband service ever seen.

Are you the provider?
We are the provider of all Internet Services offered on our pages. 

Why Does This Work So Well?
4G LTE Advanced is the fastest wireless internet ever. Cell sites are the most well constructed and engineered services to the public. The two combined provide for what is only an incredibly fast service, as high as 90 Mbps in certain locations, but also a reliable connection not put together by the lowest bidder.
Is the plan unlimited?
It Is in fact unlimited data. All network activity is subject to prioritization to 3g speeds during peak congestion periods after 50 gigs of use for the remainder of the billing cycle.
Can I stream on your service?
With certain options and over different streaming service providers, unlimited streaming in DVD quality (1080) does not count against the data usage and can be performed as often as the end user desires.
Can't I just use my phone?
Unfortunately is is not a good idea to use the phone as a hot spot service all the time. Additionally, as the need for connectivity grows to more and more devices, it will become near impossible for someones phone to be the main source of internet. This is the main concern of the majority of our customers making the switch from the phone to a true modem LTE router. 
What happens if I don't get a signal?
While this will be a rare instance, luckily Suros tests every connection service we setup not only for quality, but speed. If even after our service maps determine you will have a quality experience, but one cannot be delivered once we arrive and test, you will receive a full refund. We are only focused on providing you a quality service and product and nothing less.
Do you offer a trial?
Indeed, try us out. If you are not completely satisfied with our service to you after 14 days, we will simply need our equipment sent back and at no cost to you. However, we remain confident that after seeing what the power of a Suros solution can do for you that you wont know what you did before it. a 30 day trial period is implemented when an amplifier is employed. 

Why Suros?
We are the most experienced Rural Internet Service provider in Texas using only the latest in Wireless Technology to deliver to you, the Texas consumer, the most quality internet experience ever. Find out today what has everyone saying Call Suros.